October 27, 2012

Medium Format Wet Plate Collodion

Music | Alabama by John Coltrane

The close up lens and plate adapter back for the Rolleiflex work out really nice. 2.5 inch square ground glass, getting exactly what you get on plate is fantastic. The tlr design that made Rolleiflex famous really can't touch the accurateness of viewing directly thru the shooting lens. wysiwyg!!!

I'm working out my flow to work with this system. There are a lot of little steps, but each critical to be able to get a nice plate from this camera. Maybe I can show you later, but once all of the steps are followed, the process is very workable.

Because of the nature of Wet Plates, I'm also looking forward to working with a close up filter will enable me to shoot closer, hence smaller objects. I'm positive I won't mind the distortion.

I managed to get off quite a few plates yesterday, 5 of the fan and 4 of the camera. I'll frame one of each up and see what they look like. I think they will made great gift pieces.


Busch Pressman

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