December 14, 2012

Photo Lyceum

Music | This World by Zero 7

Several times a year, Ray Bidegain hosts Photo Lyceum. A gathering of some very talented photographers which on this occasion included, Susan de Witt, Evan Schneider, Jody Ake, Peter Gomena, Clarke Galusha, and Brandon Fernandez. Missing in action was Robert George.

Wednesday night was one of those special occasions. As per tradition, we start the evening with drink and great conversation. Into dinner, single malt scotch, the showing of images (which we all are required to bring), dessert and more images and more drink...

Wine, French Onion Soup, Lamb, potatoes and green beans...

The bottle of the evening...

Great shot by Evan Schneider

I'm realizing the conversation, FOOD and photography are on equal footing for these gatherings.

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