December 10, 2012


Music | The Here and After by Jun Miyake

half a century... and as i get older, it appears time moves faster and faster.

some things i feel i know, wisdom of time and such.

i fall in love without knowing if it is true, here i am still a child.

time, time for thought

what i've accomplished, what i haven't and proclivities of desires...

some things appear important and i ask, are they?

wisdom asks the same, so i go on wondering.

often visiting the brain - could have and should have?
left or right, yes or no?

the question becomes tiresome

i need to keep moving, creating, living. no room for fatigue.


50... reflection, lots of reflection.

it has been good, with some serious rough spots.

i learn, i don't learn, i ignore, i act.

i've all ready helped create my most magnificent gift to the world
and i know i have to let go. she is her own now.

so proud am i, i don't need to give more.

on the way down i know. eyes, muscles, joints feel it.

future, past... future, fear.

it is no different from when the child was a child.

but now i have wisdom

but like the child, can i move forward without looking back?

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