December 10, 2012

Gel Transfer

Music | Feel Good inc. by Gorillaz

I just recently wrote about the fact that I try and concentrate on one thing while in the learning phase, but I saw some images that Susan DeWitt had posted on Face Book. All ready renowned for her Lith Printing technique, she posted some images via a new technique that was reminiscent of Polaroid Transfer. Dreamy and impressionistic, tactile and a bit raw, I was immediately drawn.

I had asked her if she could give me some tips to get me going and she invited me over as she was giving a demo to another photographer, Philip B. Bowser. It was fantastic that I was able to piggy back on this workshop.

Susan went thru the process by showing how she went about her work flow several times. Both Philip and I got to make are own as well. Susan printed our digital transfer film, but we both made our own prints. As expected, since we had a great teacher, we both made perfect prints to take home...

btw, this image was made into a 7x7 inch print from a file I had on my phone which was 82k in size. There is just a hint of pixalation on the final print.

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