February 09, 2013

2013 Portland Freedom Fighters

Music | When Doves Cry by Prince

15 portraits shot over a period of 2 days for the Portland Freedom Fighters exhibition which opens next week. I printed the photos today, matting and framing takes place tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of this project because it existence was born out of a conversation over the phone with the project coordinator. Initially, she wanted me to photograph the Freedom Fighters during an event where they would be interviewed by various students. I knew there were other photographers were going to be there to cover that angle, so I suggested doing the formal portraits instead.

Because this entire project is based off a more grass roots level, funding was going to be an issue. In order for these photographs to be shown, I really wanted professional prints made and that they would be matted and framed. Epson managed to come thru and donated all the paper and ink in order for me to be able to print the images myself. Roosevelt High School, where the students attend came thru for the frames and mats.

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