February 17, 2013

Photo Excursion

Music | On the Radio by Regina Spektor

I remember back in college, I took my first photography course. We would receive our weekly assignments and often, our subjects would be out and about on walks, rides on the subway, anywhere. It was great, those times where like real photographers, we would always have our cameras with us, just in case the shot presented itself.

I got up late this morning, but saw the beginnings of a great day. I decided to get out on my bike with the intention of stopping where ever I decided I wanted to shoot. The ride was only 6 miles long, but I wes gone for almost 2 hours. My destination was just on the other side of the St. Johns Bridge where my daughter and I noticed a path with stairs leading up to adventure. We never journeyed up it because we'd always be in the car, passing it by. With no parking nearby, we never got our chance to see what was up there...

Today I rode there, on the way graabbing shots of this and that. Challenges always bring out good things, no matter if you achieve them or not, so long as you did you best to accomplish them. Out of shape, the climb over the bridge was going to get me, but I made it. Going beyond and reaching the stairs, I was really wiped out, but had to carry the bike up. I was presented with a unique view of the bridge, that I happily took after I recovered from achy knees, short of breath...

View of the St. Johns Bridge from a place few people get to see


From atop of the St. Johns Bridge

Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1, a view on the way home...

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