February 26, 2013


Music | Birdland by Patti Smith

Since my last hiatus from Facebook, I have been very productive on the backend. Latest project to start and end is the silver tank that can hold 8x10 inch plates. I just finished cementing the pieces together, creating a very nice looking clear tank. I am also going to be working on a 16 inch long tank to store, wash and transport 4x5 inch plates. That one is going to take a lot of time, but I'm happy to have all the parts.

Earlier, I got a nice piece of wood to make a platform to put on the tripod so I can mount the 8x10 inch camera on it. Hence the tank... Hopefully I will be shooting some larger plates by the end of March

Pieces for the 8x10 silver nitrate tank

I'm hoping later this week to cut some wood pieces for the external box for the 8x10 tank.

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