March 21, 2013


Music | I'm Only Happy When it Rains by Garbage

For my personal work, I often photograph people I know, friends of friends and on occasion, strangers I get to know well enough to ask them to sit for me, without that uncomfortable creepy factor. I would hate to be that guy... "scuse me but I think you are very preetty, can I take yer peekture?"


I met Noel at a function where I had an acquaintance to one of her friends. Quite charming, we talked of photography. I showed her some of my work and like with many people who see my wet plate images, she was drawn to have one done of her.

This one was done a week after we initially met. I don't give explicit directions as to how to dress or even how to be in front of the camera. Admittedly, she was a bit nervous just standing there, but with just the most minute direction, we came upon this image. We shot 4 plates and they were all interesting. The collaborative efforts make the image all the more rewarding...

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