March 18, 2013

Yuta Kato

Music | Transfatty Acid by Lamb

My afternoon session had to cancel, so I had time to scan the earlier session. I met Yuta Kato at a photo shoot a few months ago for Portland Taiko for a poster they were working on. It is great to see a fantastic face and be able to ask for a sitting. It has been a few months as the man is constantly in motion, traveling around the world, so it seems. Fortunately, our schedules worked out and he became my first sitting for the latest shoot fest I am having for myself for the next week.

I love this image as it is so timeless. We talked about the plates and how they aren't so obvious as to when they were taken. Could be mid 1850's or today. Of course one of the dead give aways are the ear rings. But I thought what would someone think 100 years from now. Where would they assume this photo was taken.

Yuta Kato

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