March 11, 2013


Music | Waking Dream by Natalie Walker

It has been a slow burn this last month. I haven't shot a plate since the 6th of February and I'm really ready to get going. I'm planning on shooting as much as I can the week of the 18th. I've got 4 people lined up and hopefully I'll have more. I also hope to shoot some still life as well. I just hope I have enough to make a new batch of collodion. What I have on hand, I don't want to even try as it is more than 50 days old.

All the projects I started are all coming to an end. I only have to sand and paint the dark box for the 8x10 silver tank. The tank had one small leak, but that has been taken care of. I'll be making another plate holder as I now have all the materials to start and finish it. I also plan to make a wash/transport tank for my 4x5 plates. I have the feeling that will be a trying project, but I also have all the materials for that as well.

Though slow going, it has been steady. I'm getting the necessary things done. I'm hoping for a very active and meaningful summer!

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