June 02, 2013

Conflicts... Traditions...

Music | Don't Look Back by Bliss

During the short time I have been trying out Cyanotypes and the eventual desire to start Platinum Palladium printing, I've come to realize the negatives I have to learn and practice the process, they simply do not have the contrast range needed to create a print with proper tonal range and density. What works well for silver gelatin prints don't quite make it...

My obvious action to take is to start to shoot and process my negatives accordingly so that I can create a negative with the necessary contrast and tonal values. The alternative and the issue that this post is about is to use digital means to create my proper negatives. I can simply scan my old negs or plates, throw a profile to it, make some quick and easy adjustments, print out a negative that could render the perfect contact print.

I live thru principles and hold fast to traditions. I like the idea of taking no prisoners and not taking the easy way out. I also want to learn and improve my photography by technique and aesthetics.

Am I over thinking the idea of using modern technology to recreate my negative by a digital means? Going this route enables me to work effeciently and inexpensively. I could start learning now. But in the back of my head, I hate the idea of losing the purity of what I am trying to accomplish.

more as time moves forward...

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