April 04, 2014

Questions and Answers...

Music | Car Wash by Rose Royce

What is it most we want out of life? I think ultimately, it isn't money, power and most of all, not stuff... At least not for me. Frankly, I never really thought about that question... Today, I was out with some photographers looking at some art. We got into the discussion about why we do what we do. It was pointed out to me that I have life interests that I am exploring photographically. I thought that was rather poetic, but in truth, he was correct. Again, there was a question I never really asked myself, or at least took some time to actually think about. Why do I shoot what I shoot? In my own way, a lot of my subject matter recently has been about finding answers and experience what life has to offer. In all the years of wanting to find my rhythm, my path, little did I know I was actually all ready on it, experiencing it and in the process, getting answers to some questions.

I plan to think more about this topic and hope to generate some sort of artist's statement for an upcoming solo show I am having. I'm realizing that some of these basic questions need to have answers. Communication between me and my viewers is important. I was once in the mindset that my work should speak for itself, but to get to a more profound space, understanding where my work comes from will only be more food for discussion for more concise discussions and hopefully, answers...

... a totally random image out of the archive that has nothing to do with my recent work. At least from what I gather now. :-)>

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