April 30, 2014

An Artist Statement...

Music | April in Paris by Billie Holliday

In the last few minutes of the month of April, I thought it would be appropriate to have Billie Holliday sing off the month along with my spiritual city of Paris...

I was asked to write an artist statement for my exhibition coming up at the begining of June. When the month of May begins, I'll have to have the goal of 20 finished and framed ambrotypes ready to deliver.

To keep my mojo in the positive, I am meeting the deadline of my artist statement, due May 1, which can also be read here. Not so much about me in the general sense, but more precisely, the relation of the process of my photography and the interests of the subject matter...

My path to learn and explore Wet Plate Collodion and my curiosity in Kink started at about the same time. Though a few years passed when I combined my two new interests, I went along my merry way without much thought.

Recently, the question of why I do what I do was asked of me and for some time, I wasn’t sure I had an answer. The one thing I did know was that my passion to learn Wet Plate Collodion had taken hold of me and demanded much of my time. I had fallen in love with photography again much in the same way it did when I first learned to process film, develop prints in the darkroom… Photography was not only visual back then. The sense of touch and smell, timing and hand to eye coordination were abilities one had to hone… Wet Plate Collodion brought all the back and upped the ante, almost if not specifically, spiritual.

As I wandered thru all the world that is Kink, I felt an affinity to rope, and bondage from my Japanese heritage. Shibari and more specifically, Kinbaku, the art of erotic bondage held me much in the same way as my desire to learn Wet Plate Collodion. It was at this point where by natural serendipity that my 2 worlds intertwined.

Through the past 3 years, it wasn’t until recently where I have decided to take on a more active role in learning more about Shibari. Like learning the art of the Wet Plate, I have my moments where the feeling of helplessness rages on in my brain. However, with time and the willingness to move foreword, I’m often rewarded with the feeling of creating and the embracing of souls.

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