April 03, 2015


Music |  Unlike Me by Kate Havnevic

Quite excited about venturing into new grounds... With the addition of a field 8x10 camera, I can start shooting the format outside. And with big negs, I can make contact prints. I am starting for the 2nd time to print cyanotype. My first go around was contingent on using the sun as my light source. This time, I have a indoor light source where I can get consistent exposures anytime of the day, night, summer winter...

A few weeks ago, I was able to test my 8x10 Burke and James with Shayna Rae. I only did 2 exposures, but used the neg to make my first test strip. 4 min, 30 sec exposure, which makes me extremely happy!

I think I'm off to a fantastic start, but always respecting the process. I know the photo Gods can strike at any moment!

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