April 18, 2015

Creative Collaboration

Music | Protection by Massive Attack

I get to work with great, creative people. I think our energies mesh and wonderful things just happen. During one of my meetings with ElizaBeth Rohloff Millinery for an upcoming shoot, I saw a few of her display hats that were more couture. Whenever I go there, I want them to shoot with. This time, she lent me 2. I had Phanthia come over for another shoot, but ended up using her to model the hats.

This was the 2nd time I've worked with Phanthia. She said she had never modeled in front of the camera before, but liked the experience of our first shoot. We worked well together and I thought she would be great for a few of my jobs. She'll be working again for another client on Monday.

I love it when things just work!

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