April 04, 2015

Cyanotype II

Music | Piano Sonata No. 14 In C Minor by Ludwig Van Beethoven

I made more Cyanotypes, but this time with 4x5 negs. I also bleached and toned with black tea for the 1st time. I've all ready made plenty of mistakes, worst of all making a print while the paper was a bit damp, which transferred spots on my neg that I don't think will come up. Ruined... I have since purchased a hair dryer to ensure my coated paper is totally dry when making more prints.

I know I need to take a class and get my technique sorted out, but I am learning a good amount on my own. I will need to figure out things like neg density in order to get the best print. As it stands, I am not sure how to make a good print great. I know in time I will get there. I am happy with my lack luster efforts and my better ones. It is all about the process of learning...

Amanda, 4x5 Cyanotype bleached and toned with black tea...

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