April 10, 2016

Taking My Own Advice

Music | Lonely One by Johnny Griffin

I was just giving advice to a fellow photographer about doing whatever is necessary to get the work done. She had issues of not being able to print at home because of the lack of darkroom space. Rental darkroom was fine, but the per hour cost made her insane because she kept looking at the clock...

The fact anyone is doing actual wet darkroom work is a sacrifice. I don't know but just 2 photographers that have dedicated darkrooms. These days, it is a luxury. Space and cost are the big issues, especially now here in Portland where rents seemed to have tripled in just the span of 3 years.

So said photographer has an enlarger in her bedroom, in a small apartment. She would only be able to print at night because of light issues. There is a bathroom and kitchen, so running water is not an issue. If we choose to work and create where we have to make sacrifices and extra work, we either do or don't. If we don't, suddenly months, years go by and the regret comes flooding in.

I've been stagnant for sometime, though I've found great rental studios to shoot in, relatively inexpensive. But every shoot is not a situation where I can dish out cash to use space. I have for years, shot in my living room and blacked out the bathroom to process my wet plates. What often holds me back is the idea of having to set up the darkroom before the shoot, then tear it down when I am done. The same as the studio. Pulling out the Speedos, heads, stands, backdrop, etc... often just makes me hold it off for another day and a month goes by.

I've always have been pretty good about using what I have available to me and move forward with the work. I am lucky in that I have alternative means to do what I want to do. I think how easy how my situation could change which would lead to things being so much more difficult than they are now.

Ass in gear, lets go...

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