February 11, 2006


My love of jazz has brought me much inspiration for my own work, though the mediums are so different. I find it facinating how the mind can correlate an audionic stimuli into a visual one.

My latest find is from one of my recent favorite tenor saxophonist, Fred Anderson. He resides in my old home town of Chicago. He also owns my favorite jazz club, The Velvet Lounge.

The album, Back... Together Again, released by Thrill Jockey Records is a duet with Hamid Drake and Mr. Anderson himself. Great African rhythms and percussions along side the inate ability of Fred Andesons improvisations is a delight to hear. Check out Losel Drolma and hear for yourself. I haven't decided which song I love the most. Like many of Fred Anderson's work, it is not enough to fall for one song alone...

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