February 01, 2006

The War of Art

Since my buddy, Randy-Dog has been on the subject of the battles artists go thru for their own art, I thought I'd bring up a book I just re-read a few days ago. Steven Pressfield's The War of Art is a great read to get you moving in the right direction of pursuing your goals as an artist. He speaks of "resistance" and how it manages to put a strangle hold on our minds to prevent us from moving forward. Great examples and words of wisdom are through out this book.

This isn't so much a spiritual journey to move you in the right direction over the long haul as it is a kick in the ass to get you going, NOW!


FotoBoy said...

The War of Art is indeed a great book. Thanks to your prompting, I picked up this little book and read it through from cover to cover. I also listened to the audio version on CD. Much of what he talks about escapes me now, so I know it's time to re-visit this jewel.

Thanks for the kick in the butt! Nice nudes, by the way...wish the couch wasn't there, but hey...given the time you must of had (next to nothing) it's nice to see the realization of a vision.

Erio said...

Not to dismiss my fortunes to have even a little time to shoot a great looking woman, I am battling the equipment and time factor. Even to pull out some gobos on stands becomes a issue. It is either shoot or not shoot and I choose to go after whatever I can in the time I have available.

-- --