February 08, 2006


I've had a most serendipitous day . Having started out like any other morning, I got a message from a buddy who was running downtown via ichat. I decided to ditch my morning routine and hitch a ride. I had been meaning to visit a gallery where my friend Kristen was having a solo show in the Pearl. What amazing display of delicate subtilty and massive proportions. The detail in all of her work is something to behold.

I was also inspired to do some shooting as well. Not only Kristen's work, but whatever interested me while I walked.

It isn't often where I don't feel rushed to get from one place to another, but I had decided I had nothing but the here and now to work with. I think the photos represent that.

I meandered to the Urban Grind for an Americano and panini. Turns out one of my favorite baristas who left one of the cafés I frequent was now working this one. The serendipity didn't stop there. Sitting next to me was another photographer who's work I've admired for sometime. I didn't realize it was him until I saw his camera. It was nice to know he also recognized me via a mutual forum we both visit. More talk of art and photography and getting to know someone else in the business.

As much as I was able to do today, time seemed to slow down as well. I managed to get so many things done, where other times, I'm lucky to complete just one task for the entire day. There is a lesson to this day that I have to master!

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