July 09, 2006

My Suzi, or should I say, Jeanne...

Music | Amazed by Poe

I haven't had the time to really take the bike out for a long ride, but I've sneaked in 2 short ones. I'm sure I need a good tuner to dial in the carburetors, but still the bike has been a joy to ride. If I don't pull hard from a stop, the breathy exhaust is similar to hearing Jeanne Moreau whispering in my ear and I yearn to hear what else she has to say to me (in French of course...) if I opened up on the accelerator. At speed, the bike is solid and steady. I'm not sure how nimble it is when I go thru corners. I'm still getting to know the idiosyncrasies.

I do know I'll have to get a throttle lock, because my carpal tunnel bugs me after a few miles. I also have to sort out the turn signal problem as it doesn't work at all. The old technology should be easy to figure out, but I never was good with electrics.

All ready I know that I'm really going to enjoy riding a motorcycle again. Being out in the HOT elements and getting hit by bugs aside, I've enjoyed myself immensely. As I sort out the little issues that arise, I'll maybe think about a day trip where I can really get away. It is only looking bright...

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