July 26, 2006

Today Could be the Day!...

When I was about 7, I learned to ride a 2 wheeled bicycle on my friend Zeke's little bike that I was a little too big for. I remember going over there for several days, pushing myself up and down the street, trying to acheive balance and motion at the same time.

For the past several attempts for my daughter to ride on 2 wheels, our mantra was, Today Could be the Day... I've been feeling a little bad because we haven't been out, trying to practice for most of the summer. Her schedule, I can't believe a 7 year old has one, and mine made it difficult for us to get out on the bicycle. But today, I made a concerted effort to get her out. I know that our past attempts, she was very close to acheiving that gyroscopic balance, but we never really made it to the promissed land.

Well today, several 10 yard accomplishments gave her some big confidence. We were waiting for her mom to pick her up and she really wanted to show off what she could do. Little did either one of us imagine that on her first attempt to show off, she would go and not stop! She went with mom chasing her from behind, down the block and then suddenly, around the corner! I ran inside to get my camera and when I came out, I heard voices calling me, but from the opposite direction. She managed to circumnavigate the entire block! I managed to pull off an exposure, but in my excitement, I just celebrated her long awaited achivement! After another run down the block, she came back and said that "Today IS the Day!"

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FotoBoy said...

What a great memory for your daughter! You go girl!

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