July 17, 2006

A vision...

Early evening, the sun still has a ways to go before it sets over the hills to the west. I make a pizza run for dinner and the waitress flirts with me, only because I pulled up on a motorcycle. She talks about how she dreams of riding a motorcycle someday to feel the cool breeze against her skin as she speeds thru the air. I can tell she really wants to sit on it as she steps out to take a closer look. The expression on her face is not one of a person working, but for a moment, a brief visit with freedom.

I head back west, toward the sun, toward the hills to ride on Germantown Road. Enclosed in the woods, I'm now in the shadows, cool air as the road tunnels thru the trees as it climbs, twists and curves. Mostly desolate, I ride the road like I am flying thru it. Not at supersonic speed, but like I'm floating at a quick pace. I pull up behind a pick up truck, pulling a trailer. The driver is going a good pace and I don't mind being behind. But this driver acknowledges me and pulls over the side and lets me pass the 2 lane road. As I drive by, I get a thumbs up. Another dreamer?

I'm staring on the downward roller coaster ride on Skyline Road and then to Burnside to go back to civilization. On 23rd, I stop at a café not frequented by the Race Boys and Harley outlaw wannabees having their Soy Laté at Starbucks. Café Vivacé is at the far end of 23rd, housed in an old victorian house. There are seats open on the sidewalk, but I opt to sit outside with my Americano above on the porch. At that moment, I realize I am approaching those rare times wear I am at one with myself, everything slows down, almost standing still. It is the closest thing to a Zen experience as I can imagine. I sip and enjoy the moment.

Inside the café, there was an artists drawing, a women on her computer looking at photos of snowboarders leaping thru the air. A guy in the corner was reading the paper and another women, writing in her journal.

Below, I can see her a quarter of a block away. She wears a black long skirt, with a patterned white blouse. Her auburn hair is lightly blowing in the wind as her skirt flows with each walking stride. As she approaches, I really wanted to say hello, but she was having a chat on her cell phone...

The air is cool, but still. As I get moving, I get a nice breeze running thru my body as I head home. I'm on my last stretch of road, passing Mom's walking with strollers, dogs walking their owners. I am amazed that I get a peak out from a kid wanting to see the motorcycle as it drives by. Even a dog stops, looks at me as I ride by.

More dreamers...

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