April 15, 2008


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I'm going back in time to move forward with my work. The Busch 4x5 field camera was made somewhere in the 1950's and I've had since the late 1980's. I've shot some of my most notable portraits with that camera, but haven't used it extensively for over 15 years.

The adjustment of slowing down to grab even one exposure is difficult. I've long forgotten what adjustments moves what movements, with the exception of the focus. Looking under a dark cloth and seeing everything upsidedown is both comforting and surreal. I'm sure over time, my own mechanics will gel with the cameras and I'll feel at home again.

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Andy Andrews said...

Hi, Erio! I love my Busch Pressman D and have taken a lot of pictures with it. To make the image right side up on the viewing screen, I rotate the back so that the top of the hood is at the bottom and then drop in a little 4x5" drugstore mirror into the cavity. By holding the mirror at appoximately 45 degrees, the image will be correct. I compose much better this way. If you ever need accessories, Midwest Photo Exchange has them - including new lens boards. I have some used parts lying around, too. My opinion of the camera is that it is the most rugged field camera ever. And I've owned Technika IV, Graflex and Toyos. Happy Shootin'!

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