April 14, 2008

The King of Burgers...

Music | Too Long by Yael Naim

I was just talking to my house mate about the best burger in Portland the other day. The Helvetia Tavern, Pause and Yorgo's were all vying for the #1 position, but after a discovery today, those three will have to fight out the 2 thru 4 spots. The new King of Burgers in Portland has to go to Slow Bar. Can't go wrong with that photo, huh???

My good buddy Tony took me there for a late lunch. Along with his Winter Slow Burger, he got an amazing tomato infused Vodka Bloody Mary. Not only did it look and smell good, I got a taste and it was fantastic! I opted for the Slow Burger which consisted of 1/2 pound of Strawberry Mountain Beef, 2 delicately delicious onion rings, gruyére cheese, lettuce and a pickle relish. It comes with either a salad (yeah, right...) or fresh cut fries that compliment the burger well!

Slow Burger

Winter Slow Burger

The interior of the Slow Bar is modern, sparse, but not at all obnoxious. The Throne like booths could fit an orgy and everyone would be very comfortable and still have decent privacy.

Welcome to the new King of Burgers. I'll be back, often!

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