April 21, 2008


Music | Alabama by John Coltrane

My 2nd shoot with Seré garnered more consistent exposures thru out the 5 shots and a better feel for the camera. I'm still feeling a bit rushed, but thats because of my inexperience with working with the large format camera. Every time I'm behind it however, I'm feeling more comfortable. I found the magnifying loupe I knew I had, in one of the many boxes in the basement that contains various photography "stuff". Because of it, focusing this time around was much easier. The shot is lit by a 60 inch umbrella with a totalite lamp. I had a lot of room to play with exposure, but stayed closer to wide open than not.

Again, as in the first time I set up my shot, things suddenly got quiet and zen like. In the future, I will be able to more easily center myself instead of feeling a little incompetent. But as I said, the more I'm behind the camera, I'll feel more at ease to take advantage of the quiet.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous work.

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