September 25, 2011

Is Photography Over

Music | Meditations for Moses by Charles Mingus playing piano

There was a symposium at the SFMOMA recently with the subject line of the title above. There was a question that was brought up, "What facets of photography could you do without?" One of the members on the panel said first, art photography. He went on down a list that included, fashion, sports, and a number of our everyday connection to photography. He came upon a few specific photographs that was created to define our history. as to what he felt he could not do without. Though as I agree that we as people, the photographs were somewhat important, my view of what I could not do without in regards to photography are the images that define ourselves and of family. The people that are important to our lives. It is in fact the history of ourselves are what define our own selves.

Though we have memories that keep alive the things that are important to us, it is the visual reminders that clarify our past. Often times, I can look at a photo and remember that moment that the photo was taken. Both my Mother and Father have recently passed on. I have photographs in my head that bring back strong emotional ties to each of them. I have actual photographs that do the same. I know as I get older, I don't often remember the things that are important. However, it is the photograph that can re-trigger those inner images that bring upon our wonderful memories.

This brings me to the point that I believe photography can never be over. This brings me to the point that photography, though it has been taken for granted recently with so many pictures randomly being taken, the devaluing of the photographic image needs to be taken a bit more seriously.

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