September 09, 2011

2011-09-09 | 12:15p.m. | Vivace

Music | Spinning by Zero 7

It happens a few times a year and I am always held hostage to my own insecurities... The morning is cool, slight breeze in the air and just about perfect in the shade. At Vivace, I sit al fresco and to my right is this amazing looking Italian woman. She has long auburn hair, amazingly large beautiful eyes. Her figure is long and slim, what every woman desires to look like. But she dresses in such a way that is both alluring and yet simple. A rust coloured dress, black belt and black sandals adorns her well. She casually wears her glasses on her head, with diamond ear rings and 1 ring on each hand. Her posture is perfect as she types away on her computer. I just had a thought that she is most lovingly describing me as I do the same with her... but I doubt it...

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