September 24, 2011

...on a roll...

Music | Shine by Arkestra One

It has been a very good 9 days since I shot Pears to start getting out of my rut. Since then, I shot some tomatoes and garlic. I also got my Wet Plate Collodion website going as well. I just want to start getting my images out there...

Not shooting in the comfort of people these last almost 2 weeks, I didn't have too much to transition to. When I felt like shooting, I just did. I didn't have to plan out and meet schedules in order to get going. So long as I had subject matter to photograph, I was comfortable. The weather however did cooperate and I had great lighting conditions to work with. I had almost no work to show under my Still Life catagory of my site to at least having an acceptable number to show and put the site up, without feeling I wasn't ready.

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