September 14, 2011

Inspiring Pears...

Music | Taurus in the Arena of Life by Charles Mingus

In my continuation to work at creating, today I finally photographed the pears I've been meaning to shoot for the past 4 or 5 days. I actually think the wait was not a bad thing, though not intentional either. The pears aged just enough where the texture and feel seemed right. But in all honesty, the wait was just because of my procrastination. The evil devil has been rearing its head lately and I've been having to really convince myself to get back on track and start my trek back to creating.

Yesterday, feeling pretty sorry for myself, I got a gift of a call for coffee from Ray. It was just the thing I needed to get out of the house and talk shop, talk art, talk about creating... I managed to come home and print up some of my photographs to put into a portfolio of sorts to have with me at all times to show people my work. The result would be to be able to shoot more people and maybe sell some work. However, the point was merely to exercise movement to get from point A to somewhere else. I've been stagnant and it is certainly time to move.

Today started much like yesterday, but at least I had some inertia from yesterday. Out came the pears, camera, tripod and background. The rest seemed to move much more easily. I was so happy that the first plate came out a winner. It was much easier to focus on the rest of the morning.

So it is apparent that I am battling some demons right now. In order to get beyond this situation, I do hope to keep myself busy and at least hone my skills of the Way of the Collodion. No point being stagnant and starting from the same place I left off...


Ray Bidegain said...


The lower plate is beautiful, I am so glad to see it.


mel hill photography said...

very nice work Ted! I also like the lower plate.
I know I always feel better when I've spent some time shooting.

Rod said...

This diversification of subject matter is refreshing Ted. I never thought I would like a still life so much. I love it when beautiful things arise from the heart like this.

-- --