June 23, 2013


Music | She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton

I've been curious about diptych and triptych works and how each of the images relates to the others. Sometimes trying to communicate a message, it takes more than a single image. I didn't have any deep seated meaning in wanting to create a piece with 9 or 16 and maybe eventually a 25 piece structured collage, other than I thought it would be interesting to view the individual images and as a collective whole.

I love Aimée as a muse. I've not had a session with her where I felt we didn't get anything meaningful. I got a last minute opportunity to work with her and made sure she had enough time to work out multiple plates. We actually ended up shooting 12 in all. Even though small, 2.5 inch square final plates, it still a slow process. I didn't realize how draining for me it would be. I will know next time to prepare a bit better to keep my energy level up.

I thought I would try and work a bit faster by prepping one plate after another and shoot 2 plates within a short time period. I'm realizing that when working with Wet Plate Collodion, work with the rules the Photo Gods intended. Turns out 2 of these images are vastly out of focus, something I didn't initially notice as the plates are so small. As soon as I scanned them however, it was apparent.

This was a good exercise and sometime later, I will come up with another idea, maybe another nine or a 16...


Anonymous said...

These shots are lovely. I am curious what kind of light setup you used, and would appreciate any details on that end. I too love the multiple plates next to each other. I think I will be trying some of that technique in the near wet plate future.

Thanks, Ivan

Erio said...

Hey Ivan,

I have Speedotron 4800 ws going thru a single head thru an octabank. Fill card on the opposite side...

Ivan said...

Thanks for the info, Erio. Wow, that is a lot of juice for one head. I would imagine she could get a tan with 4800w/s of light! Did you use non-UV-coated tubes in that head? I am going to get some lighting for my wet plate portrait work, but am trying to decide between high-powered strobes or continuous fluorescents. Beautiful work. Thanks again for the info.

Thanks, Ivan

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