June 17, 2013

Under the Bridge...

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So over the weekend, I picked up a late 1960's Polaroid Land Camera 230 for $15!

Polaroid 230 Land Camera

Today, I got some Fuji 3000B instant film and was able to test the camera under the St. Johns Bridge. Lighting conditions were a bit harsh, but I just couldn't wait to try it out. The prints come out with very nice blacks and a bit contrasty, but as I mentioned, the light at midday was severe...

I was talking to another photographer about why I was planning to shoot this way. Why I just didn't shoot digital and make the shot into what I want it to be. I listed off several one word answers and the one that seem to resonate with him was, serendipity. Even without seeing what I was talking about, and as 95% digital shooter himself, all of the sudden, he understood why I wanted to shoot with the polaroids.

I like the idea of relinquishing control to the photo gods and let them do what they do... I love happy accidents. I love the idea that there is a force beyond my control that will do whatever the hell it feels like it to alter what the image might look like. I love the word collaboration. Sometimes it is with people, with nature, object or whatever I happened to be photographing. My love for shooting the analogue process opens that door and gives me something a little different each time I go out.

So today, I shot 4 exposures just to get a feel of what the camera, film combination would serve me. The print is tack sharp, contrasty in a nice way. However, the neg seems to carry a lot more detail and reproduces a bit softer. These are the conclusions that I came up with today, but we'll see what I think on the second go around. Fun, fun stuff!!!

Under the St. Johns Bridge

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