January 14, 2006

Homage to Helmut | PAW 2

Often, I do not, get the opportunity to shoot erotica. Of course when that opportunity happens, I enjoy the challenge. And when not working with professional models, I do have to work for everything I get. In this case, I also got the rare opportunity to go after my own vision. The hardest part in the process of finding the rhythm, is time. I had plenty of it, but getting the understanding conveyed to the model is what becomes difficult. This shoot wasn't a marathon process, but it wasn't til the very end that I started feeling comfortable with the images that started coming thru.

Concentration... It is not an easy thing to accomplish under the circumstance one is put upon with trying to capture an essence of sexual content, without being sexual. I don't do this often and maybe because of that, I overcompensate with idea that I am a professional and that I maybe didn't let go and create what could have possibly been a more artistic/erotic photograph. But, with circumstances being what they were, I am only too happy with the process and conclusion of what I got.

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