January 08, 2006

Monaco Optix XR

For close to a month, I was under the impression my less than 1 year old monitor was dying because I couldn't properly calibrate it with the Colorvision Spyder, an older measureing device and software that had worked fine over the last 3 years I had it. I had no reason to think it should malfunction, which led me to the idea my monitor was dying. I then went on a journey of emails, several phone calls and finally returning the monitor to it's manufacturer (fortunately local) and was graced with another, newer version. Same problem... I had lots of words with this manufacturer, not good ones either and was about to give into having to deal with a bad monitor. However, I also had suspicions that maybe my calibrating device was also dying. I tried to calibrate other known "good" monitors, but not with much confidence. Finally, I went ahead and got another calibrator, a Monaco Optix XR. Very simple to use, elegant and allowed me to see much more information than the Colorvision software allowed. I'm now gifted with a finely tuned viewing device, one that I have confidence in! Hats off to Monaco!!!

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