January 12, 2006

Oh my!!!

So the inevitable-ness of THIS, we all knew was coming. I am surprised that such a huge company is dropping so much of their line. But I wouldn't want to be the head of any film company at this time either. Loosing 8 track tapes was one thing. In fact, all recording tape has stopped being manufactured as well. Our analog ways are disapperaring and we will only be reminded by them by finding the great lost treasures in Grandma's attic or at the flea market where I used to find 8mm movie cameras for practically nothing. At this point there just a little more useful than a doorstop.

I'm probably just not up on the lastest news of other companies doing the same. I know of Hasselblad, Contax, Kodak, Ilford all making the shift. It just saddens me because I was so hands on with the products of these companies. And the memories of the process is so instilled in me. I guess it is not as bad as the Key Line and Paste up industry where their drop off rate was maybe just a few years.

Time moves forth... we are for the better, right???

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