March 01, 2006

actually only 240,000 miles or so...

So the end of 2005 granted me with a hit and run of my car, right in front of my own home. It happened over night and I didn't hear it to try and see what idiot that did it. The car was a very nice Acura Legend, pristine for the most part. When I walked out to hit my daily jaunt to a café, I was greeted with a rear bumper half off of the car, a huge slam to the rear drivers side quarter panal and debris everywhere. There was also a nice open gash that let the rain water free to enter my trunk. Beyond furious! Without thinking, I bought the first car that looked decent to me. I thought I had my emotions in check and purchased an Audi 5000S. I missed German cars and was pretty happy at the thought of driving a 5 speed made for the AutoBahn. Well, several weeks later, one thing after another, I realized I bought a lemon. It was like having a wad of cash in my hand and setting it on fire. I went months without driving a car, relying on my bicycle, public transportation and the generosity of friends. Well, December was very cold and snowy, January was very wet, February was wet and cold. The last straw was having to wait for a bus, in the rain without being prepared for 45 minutes.

My second foray into getting another car was filled with paranoia. I didn't want to pull the trigger and put to fire more of my hard earned cash. Weeks of the Craig's List and a few conversations with a car fanatic buddy in Chicago, I was set to find of all cars, a Volvo. I laughed at the thought of having a Volvo, but as I did my research, it became apparent that these were great cars suited for ME. The 240 series cars have been around for a L O N G time and the basic car has been the same for over 15 years. I could go back to working on cars and suit it to my needs like I used to do to my old GLi.

1984 Vovlo 244, lots of work recently done, decent looking and GREAT PRICE! I took my mandatory test drive and loved the way it drove. Typical European in the way it felt, heavy and tight. Response was a little loose, but this car had some huge miles on it. Not as slow as I thought it was going to be and anything I did to the car was only going to make improvements.

I've waited to take my sigh of relief. After my Audi fiasco, I didn't want to get my hopes up on the Volvo. After having this car now for 3 weeks, I feel confident that I got a winner. (I've knocked wood several times all ready...) By no means will I not have to do any work to it, but it feels good to be among the driving.

I no longer park in the same spot as my Acura.

that says 299,600, but really, it only has around 240,000...

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FotoBoy said...

With all the money you've spent on those 3 could have purchased a more expensive, more recent vehicle and made payments...probably even paying it off by now.

Bummer about your must have bad car kharma or carma!

Let's see a sexy picture of the new beast! The dashboard is pretty damned simple, not much there. Speedometer and fuel gauge. What more do you need, right?

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