March 24, 2006


In finding vision, it is often said that one needs to go back to the basics. Yesterdays photography, which actually included other subject matter that I didn't publish, was all shot with one body, and one lense, and it wasn't even a zoom lense. I walked out of the house with a bag, actually 2 lenses and a camera. I never pulled out the 100, only using the 50.

Though the crop factor is increased 1.6X, which makes viewing thru my camera relatively 80mm, the freedom of looking thru the fixed lense is a joy. Like using a larger format camera, your forced to comtemplate your space. I've often considered not using zooms for that reason.

My first foray in photography was with my trusty Canon AE-1 and a fast 50mm f:1.4. Through most of high school and my first 2 years of photo education was with that combination. As I've written before, some of my fondest memories of photography are my earliest years. The simplicity in approach often needs to be revisited to restore some lost vision.

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