March 17, 2006


A few weeks ago, I lost my phone. I had to get a replacement asap and the only way I could was to upgrade my "digital" service to a GSM service. Don't ask what that means... The service I had used old technology where phones were no longer being offered. Anyway, I get my new phone which has everything. An FM receiver, a camera that can take stills and video, access to the internet... I would have been happy with just a phone.

Over the first several days of having this phone, I didn't touch any of the other accoutrements that it offered. But being a photographer, I thought I would try the camera. I have taken several photos with it, viewing it on the tiny lcd screen. Cute...

I ended up emailing myself one of the photos and to my amazement, it shots a nice file. It actually takes 640 x 480 pixels. This photo was only resized, straight out of the phone.


a fellow regular at a café I frequent.

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