March 20, 2006


To be mesmerized while running errands is a great gift. This afternoon while driving, the dj for a local radio station is introducing a song by the well known singer, Diana Krall. I haven't been much of a fan of Diana, but I haven't really listened to her in depth, either.

A Case of You, demands your ears to listen the way a small master piece demands your eyes to look. With only a piano accompanying this magnificent voice, you yearn to see every subtle nuance. I often find live performances distracting, but only a faint cough in the background hints at this. It is obvious that the crowd has all ready been engrossed by Diana's performance.

The piano starts a solo, quiet and gentle with the pedals surprisingly coming in like a percussion. The intro ends and the show begins with both a powerful and delicate voice. I haven't heard sultry like this in a long time. I'm sitting in the car having reached my destination, with no intention of getting out, listening with eyes closed. I manage to fade the volume down as the crowd rains applause. I'm dying to hear the song again, but realize my time of serenity has ended.

By the end of the afternoon, I track down the song, run to the store and purchased my own copy. I haven't yet listened to the rest of the CD, just A Case of You.

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