March 23, 2006

More from the Cemetery

117 years since Rachel J. Johonnet's passing...

While shooting with G, we talked about what we'll do with all these photos of gravestones and such that we've gathered today. I ended up with over 60 images... looked as if G had even more! Often for me, just being behind the camera is relaxing; no agenda, just looking for interesting points of view. And then, things just tend to happen when your are working your craft, even when there is no specifics involved.

While editing down my photos, I found this image. I didn't have any specific vision as to how I wanted the end result to look like, but I just experiment.

The first image is pretty much straight out of camera. The second image is one of my Black and White conversions.

For the final image though, I thought the shot would look great with a more cinematic feel. I didn't know how to get there, but thru working the conversion, like a print in the dark room, I came upon the version shown at the top.

For as much as I shot today, 95 percent of the images won't ever be seen. With the relaxation and enjoyment I get out of all this, it's most gratifying when discoveries are made.

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