August 03, 2006


Music | Daybreaker by Beth Orton

In my glee and excitement, I'm posting this entry before even having in my hands, the object for this post...

As I've written about before, my desire to be an artist has felt lacking in that most of my images are viewed electronically and not by the standard by which I am accustomed to. I have had some large prints made, mostly for clients, but hardly for myself. I've been told I am somewhat picky in how my images are represented, but now I can have the standard of creating prints.

I went with Bob to the store when he purchased this beomoth of a printer earlier this year. The box was so big, it would not fit in either his or my car. Fortunately, I had racks on the roof of my car. We strapped it down and slowly drove the less travelled route to his home.

I've yearned to have a printer capable of creating art prints on various media. Sizes up to 17 inches wide, as opposed to the less costly 13 inch printers or the more common 8.5 inch printers. It however turns out that the operation of this large format printer cost much less to run because of the cost of the inks. My problems has been that the initial cost of the printer was too much for me to afford one for myself. I would wait and be generations behind in technology before I felt I could ever get one.

While running thru some forums, I noticed that Bob had put his printer up for sale. His big issue was that he wanted to sell it locally because of transport hassles. We even talked about other solutions. Days had passed and I had thought on and off, with no serious consideration about getting this printer from Bob. Suddenly, I had this rush thru my brain that I had to have it. I thought of all the possibilities of creating and selling prints. I fought hard to resist and even waited a day more, thinking that maybe this was not a good thing for me to do.

What made me finally decide, even though this is a stretch for me was that as an artists, a photographer, I owed it to myself to have such a printer, to create prints and hone this part of my craft that has been lacking since the days of my darkroom and film. Again, I will have a measuring stick that is concise and enabling me to display by my own intention.

Another era begins...

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FotoBoy said...

Owning one of these babies is akin to having a pickup truck. Everybody and their mom will start "dropping" by and asking to use your baby!

Congratulations! I know how much this must mean to you.

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