August 08, 2006


I got up at 5:30 A.M., a bit uncomfortable from the aches. Fortunately, I had placed the big 4800 at its home before getting in the accident. I was still and am still quite the novice at working this beast. I haven't figured out the finer points of tweaking the printer the way it can. However, I managed to make a few BEAUTIFUL prints by trial and error. Just merely seeing these images made me want to print more. I managed to print about 6 different images and went on to achieved 12 images on paper. Some on the cusp, and 2 that are spectacular. I could go to the framer tomorrow and have these images done right and they would be waiting for a gallery to hang from. I've worked 90% on the basic matte paper, but tried a premium rag paper for one of my finer images. O-M-G I just couldn't contain myself. I am so excited about having this machine to work at my whim. The issue will be feeding the beast with the 220 ml cartridges it takes. All 8 of them. And I won't get into wanting to print on some of the various premium papers that are available. All these years of digital images, I forgot what expendable were. Now I'm back to it, but will have boxes and albums and frames filled with art.

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