January 08, 2008


Music | Bird of Cuzco by Nina Nastasia

2008 is going to be another great creative year. It is starting out so strong, not only with myself, but with a few of my peers. It looks like my good friend SJ Hammack got a large commission where she is too busy to answer the phone. I got a call later from her telling me she is just creating, painting away to finish quite a few large pieces for her client.

Kristen Miller, having just ending her show at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery told me the other day she has decided to make one drawing a day, for the entire year!

Roberta Wong is having a solo show for the 25th Anniversary of The Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. I think it is fitting for her to be featured there as she curated the IFCC gallery for 18 years!

It is going to be an exciting new year. I'm hoping that we can all keep up a dialog to push and inspire each other.

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