January 02, 2008


Music | Black Woman by Fred Anderson

I've been a kid again for the past 2 days. I'm having a joyous time converting, burning and dodging, toning, cropping and general experimenting with photos I've shot in the last 2 weeks. Nothing has been a job, a commission or mandatory related. With Transparent Truth launching yesterday, I'm still in the mode of wanting to work, massage, mold my images. I'm having so much fun. I know I'm affected when as I'm playing with an image, I realize in my thoughts that what I am doing at that moment is bringing me a lot of joy. I decided to stop and write about it, so here I am...

Here is an image I'm playing with now...

It's nice to have content to play with. I also have the energy and desire to be creative, to want to experiment!

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