May 02, 2008

IFCC Do North Opening Night

Music | Evidence by Thelonious Monk

The opening of the Do North Exhibition last night was fabulous! Lots of supporters and friends to celebrate the art work coming out of the North and NorthEast sides of Portland. The eyes were treated to a feast of various mediums of all shapes and sizes. As one of the artists there, I was happy to see the viewers were appreciating what beheld them. It wasn't just a social event to get out, but had lots of meaning to a lot of the viewers.

Another artist who I noticed constantly talking about her work to the various interested parties was my daughter. Yesterday evening opened up my eyes to another side of her that I never saw before. I saw eloquence, thoughtfulness, humour all wrapped up in Dara that I knew was there, but only for me. Now, those characteristics have blossomed out to the public, to the masses and she was doing so with such ease. OMG!!!

To view more photos from last night, click on the photo below...

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sj said...

Ted, hopping on a plane to Portland from St. Louis was impossible for me, so I'm really glad you shared the event through your "third eye" for those of us who could not attend. Dara seems amazingly comfortable in her new role as an artist in the spotlight and appears to have quite a knack for captivating her audience.

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