May 03, 2008


Music | Are You Threatening Me? by Hagans

23 Sandy Gallery is hosting one of the most important exhibitions that I've seen in a very long time. Resurrection, a perfectly timed show for my own advancement in going back to shooting large format and the desire to learning alternative processes has wonderful examples of Platinum Palladium, Ambrotype, Tin Type, Photogravure, and even a Daguerreotype, along with various other "exotic" processes.

Seeing original works of these historic processes was a treat to see. Modern photographers using the old techniques put a nice bend to the show. I'll be visiting the exhibition again, to gain more inspiration.

by Michael Mazzeo
New York, NY
Jo B

Ruby Ambrotype, Wet-Plate Collodion on Black Glass
Image size: 8 x 10 inches

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Thomas D. Rutter said...

I think you have a really great blog. I found it quite by accident while trying to find any online response to the Resurrection show. I've bookmarked it and plan to visit it regularly we share two passions; fine art photography and hamburgers.

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