May 17, 2008

Music | Show Me Love by Kate Havenevik

As I begin to lay down the first words of this post, I'm listening to the song above in honor of my asskicking kid who last night sang it in front of a crowd of peers at the school's Talent Show.

Often while we're driving in the car, we listen to various types of music, often some jazz, electronica and lots of female vocals. She caught on to Kate's song, Show Me Love and decided she wanted to sing it months ago for what culminated to yesterday's performance. With some technical difficulties in the beginning, she rolled off an amazingly and surprising performance.

She has never sung in front of a crowd, and only once before performed solo which was last years talent show playing a Zither.

I'm extremely proud my my daughter, having the urge, the desire to face her fears and execute! I love you Dara!

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Anonymous said...

Go Dara! You Rock! So do you Dad! TK

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