May 15, 2008


Music | Come Sunday by Charles Lloyd

William will be the 3rd portrait of 5 that will hopefully be in a show in July. I'm not sure if this is the image or another from today's shooting. There are a lot to choose from!


UncloudedBeing said...

Progress, indeed.

Your 4x5 work is moving along quite nicely now.

Your shallow DOF work really inspires me. Might even have to pick up a 100 f/2 like you have on that dslr you own.

What focal length are you using for your 4x5 work?

Erio said...

I'm using a standard 210 f:5.6 on the 4x5. I've got a 135 as well, but haven't pulled that out as of yet...

Thanks for the kind words...

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