June 03, 2008

The Beast

Music | Hello by Poe

So finally after years of living in a basement, dark, dank and dusty, I've pulled the 8x10 Century Camera out into daylight. It will take a really good clean as there is dust in every crevice of this, at least 60+ year old camera. I'm hoping to find more information on the camera and lens and see what history it holds. One thing of note that I really love about the lens is that the aperuture is in front of the actual lens itself. It still opens and closes smooth as silk...

In any case, first things first, a very good cleaning is in order, then down the road, some sort of stand or tripod to hold this monster up so I can point it at someone! I'm looking forward to that day!

UPDATE /2008-06-04 | I've found the camera could have been manufactured as early as 1927!

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