June 18, 2008


Music | Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone

In the time it takes to have a conversation, my Mom found out she has about 4 months to live with stomach, liver and I think lung cancer. After hearing about the 4 months, I didn't really comprehend too much after that... She had seen the doctors about some back pain just a week earlier, but had another complication that turned into another visit to the doctors, that turned into tests and turned into the conversation that lead to the news of my Mom's fate. I found out thru my sister, Iris the day before I spoke with my Mom that there was some serious health issues. I called her the next day, about 2 hours before she got the news. She was upbeat, but knew she had the cancers. That evening, after her conversation with the doctor, she called me and told me the news. All the cancer, the 4 months... I was quite surprised by her demeanor in which she talked with me. She showed me strength and even some humor.

About 5 months ago, my Mother told me about a dream she recently had. Clear as yesterday, she said she saw her mother, dressed beautifully and at about the young age she had passed away. They sat together as my Grandmother spoke to her and told my Mom that right now is not the time, that she had some things to still settle and take care of. When it is time, she will know.

I brought up that conversation that she had while we had our talk that evening. I think the comfort that my Mom has from that dream has given her the strength to turn down chemo treatments and let nature take its own course. She has said she is not afraid of dying. "It is Time" and she knows her mother will be there for her.

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Tammy said...

Ted, I know what you're going through as I've not only lost my mother, but several family members to cancer. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.

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